Set up your website

Want to set up your Company Website ?
Simply follow these steps :

  • Get your company Domain Name
  • Find a Web Hosting company to host your website
  • Set up your Payment Solutions to accept customer payment
    e.g. PayPal, Stripe
  • Set up your Content Management System : WordPress
  • Set up your DNS to point to your site
  • Set up your SSL Certificate to enable secured hosting
  • Find your favourite screen design : choose a Theme
  • Install all your Plug-Ins : add features that you need
  • Design your Pages, decide what you want to put on your website
  • Set up your Database to house all your Product Inventory
  • Set up your SSH/FTP, so that you can access your servers and can copy files in-and-out
  • Set up your Backup solutions
  • Monitor your website for any Threats/Attacks/Virus
  • And the list goes on…

If all these sound a little daunting, come speak with us.

We’ll take this off your hands and hand you a beautifully designed, fully-working website.